Ginger Quinn is a self-made relationship expert who helps revive the passion in committed relationships, as well as showing single women how to set up a future lifelong love affair.

Raised in the South, Ginger has a very approachable yet genteel nature when it comes to relationships. As an 8  year old girl she had such a tremendous ugly duckling complex that she believed her father divorced her mother because she was so hideous. While that wasn’t the truth, Ginger was convinced of it into her adulthood. And that belief led her to never rely on looks or sexuality for attention. Instead she developed a high social intelligence and a genuine curiosity in people in her community.

She’s been with her partner for over 20 years and married for over 15. Her philosophy is that good sex (that isn’t boring) is critical to connecting partners for the long term. Because so many of her girlfriends asked how to have relationship success similar to hers, Ginger wrote the wildly popular program, Ravished: Unleash His Inner Caveman.

www.UnleashHisInnerCaveman.com She is also a proud affiliate of www.GingersToys.com - the only place she shops for sexy bedroom accessories. And she writes an email newsletter called Ginger’s Spicy Advice that you’ll be receiving from time to time since you’ve downloadedUncanny Tricks That Drive Him Crazy In Bed. Ginger also keeps up a blog with advice at www.GingerQuinn.com.